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Gatekeeper Root Certificates Download

The Australian Governments' Gatekeeper hierarchy is a public hierarchy. This means Gatekeeper certificates are publicly available.

However, as the Gatekeeper hierarchy has been developed recently, Gatekeeper root certificates do not yet exist in any browsers. Therefore browsers do not automatically trust certificates issued from the Gatekeeper hierarchy.

Your certificate needs to be trusted in order to send and receive encrypted emails.

You will need to download both the root and auxiliary Gatekeeper CA Certificates for your specific browser, one at a time. Please refer to our installation instructions:

Gatekeeper Root Certificates issued before 7 June 2002
If you have a Gatekeeper Certificate that was issued before 7 June 2002 and you wish to continue to maintain it for signing or encryption purposes, you should download the Gatekeeper Root Certificates from the following pages:

If you require the root certificate for the Gatekeeper Device (Type 3) CA, it is available for download